Export your Survey Responses and Reports

You can easily export your results in multiple formats. This is great when you want to share your survey response data with a colleague or a manager or simply use it within your dissertation, etc. You can always export the raw data and format it in any way you would like.

In the “Individual Responses” area, you will the available “Export buttons”. Simply click on the format you want and the file will automatically download. You can currently export your raw data into Excel and as CSV (comma-separated values) file. The latter is a standard format that allows to easily importing the data into other tools (e.g. SPSS). Please note: Exporting your survey results is a premium feature and will only be available when you are subscribed to one of our paid plans.

Export Survey Results
Export Survey Responses

Export Survey Report to PDF
Export Survey Report to PDF

In the “Reports” area, you will find the “Export to PDF” button. This will automatically generate and download a print ready PDF file of your report.

Any filters that you have set in your responses or reports will also be used when you export the data.