Different Ways of Collecting Survey Responses

After you have finished editing your survey and are ready to let it go out into the world, you will need a way to share it with the people you would like to participate. We offer some really fast and easy ways for you to do this with our “Survey Collectors”.

Available Collectors

We have a range of Survey Collectors to choose from, each designed to help you to share your survey in a particular way.

link Survey Link Collector

Generate a unique link which is bound only to your survey. You can share this link in any way you want. Any responses or views from this link can be filtered in your results.
Email Invite Collector

Let us send your email invitations and link them with responses. Create a message, import your recipients and let us send your personalized survey email invitations in bulk.
Web Embed Collector (Iframe / Popup Overlay)

Allow visitors to take your survey directly on your website with HTML codes that are generated automatically by this collector. You can also make your survey dynamically appear on your website as overlay. There is no special coding knowledge required.
manual Access Codes Collector

Restrict access to your survey with access codes. Your participants will be prompted to enter their personal access code to enter the survey. Every access code will only allow one single response.
manual Manual Entry Collector

Enter survey responses yourself using a special unique survey link that allows multiple entries (kiosk mode). Any responses or views from this link can be filtered in your results.