Schedule Automatic Closing of your Online Survey

You can set a date and time to schedule automatic closing of your survey in the collector settings. These settings are bound to each of your collectors.

Set up scheduled closing

By default, closing is set to “Manually”. Your collector will stay active until you close it yourself manually. If you choose the “Scheduled” option, then the collector will automatically close on the date and time you choose. You can choose any future date and time.

Choose the date and time to close access to your survey

After the scheduled time, the survey will no longer be able to collect any responses. You can manually re-activate the collector at any time or if you wish to cancel the automatic closing, simply go back into the collector settings, select “Manually” and save.

The time displayed in the collector settings will be based on the timezone you have set in your account. You can change the timezone in the “General Settings” area if the wrong one is set.

You can read more about the purpose of closing collectors here: Close your survey when you are done