How to Filter your Online Survey Responses using Cross Tabulation

With Cross Tabulation, you can filter your survey results based on answers provided by your participants. When a filter is set, all of the results in your report will be updated, showing you only data based on the responses from participants who answered what you have filtered by.

How do I Apply Cross Tabulation?

After you have collected some responses for your survey, you can apply Cross Tabulation filters, as well as any other filter types, from within your survey report. Cross Tabulation filters can only be applied on “closed” question types. These are questions with a fixed set of possible answers – unlike “open” questions, where the participant can type any text-based answer they choose. Some examples of “closed” questions are: Multiple Choice, Drop-Down, Rating, etc.

You will find the “Cross Tabulation” button on the toolbars of any closed question (in the top right corner). Clicking on the button will open a panel which displays all of the possible answers for that very question. Select which answers you would like to filter by and then press “Apply”.

Cross Tabulation Panel

Example of an Applied Filter

When you have selected the answers and applied some Cross Tabulation filters, each chart/table in the report will automatically refresh and be updated to only show data relevant to the answers you have selected. The filter box on the left will display each question you have applied Cross Tabulation to. You can clear all filters by pressing the “Remove all filters” button.

How does Cross Tabulation Filter my Results?

You can set filters on a single question or across multiple questions. Filters set within a question will filter your results by any of the answers you select (“OR”). This means that if you have filtered by “Answer A” and “Answer C”, then you will see responses from participants who answered either “Answer A” or “Answer C”.

If you choose to filter across multiple questions, then your results will be filtered to show responses from participants who have answered all of those questions you filtered by (“AND”).  This means that if you have filtered by “Answer A” and “Answer C” in question 2 and “Answer D” in question 4, then you will only see responses from participants who have answered either “Answer A” or “Answer C” in question 2 AND who have answered “Answer D” in question 4.

Things to note

Knowing how to apply Cross Tabulation filters is not the only one part of the process. As you are creating your survey, try to keep in mind that you would like to apply Cross Tabulation later. Think about which topics you would like to filter by and create an appropriate “closed” question for each topic. Make sure that there is a distinct “answer” that you will be able to use a filter when evaluating your results.

Any cross tabulation filters you have set will also be applied to the Shared Report View as well as when exporting your results.