How do I pin a choice/row within a question?

There may be cases when you would like an answer option to stick to the beginning or the end of the list of options. This is especially useful when “random” sorting has been applied and you want to exclude one single option from the random sorting (e.g. “None of the above”).

To do this, you can simply “pin” any choice to the top or bottom of the list. This can be done from within the question settings. For each choice, you will see a “cog” icon. Clicking this will open the “more menu” for each choice.

1) Open Choice More Menu
2) Select Pinned Position

By selecting the “Settings” option, you will be shown the available choice settings. You can select whether to pin the choice to the “top” or the “end” of the options. When a choice is “pinned”, it will not be included in the sorting order. It will always stay in the same position.

Pinning is available for all question types that have choices/rows, except for the “Ranking” questions.