How to Copy and Paste Questions (Import Questions)

We offer a way for you to easily copy and paste questions into your questionnaire. The data only need to follow some simple format, and you will be able to create your survey in no time.

You will find the “Copy and paste questions” editor here:

Multiple questions

The basic principle is that each question has to be on its own line, and subsequent questions have to be separated by pressing “Enter” twice:

If you only enter the question text on its own line, it will default to a “single line textbox” type of question.

Make a question “required”

To make a question “required”, simply add an asterisk at the end of the question text.

Textbox with multiple lines

By adding a plus “+” sign at the end of the question, it will turn the single line to a multiline textarea.

Add a description

If you add a second line of text that starts with an asterisk, right after the question, it will be use as a “Description” to your question.

Multiple choice questions

You can also create Multiple Choice questions. Simply add answer choices on their own lines right after the question text. The default is a “single choice” question (where only one choice can be selected).

You can also add an open text choice at the end of the list. Simply add a plus “+” sign at the end of the last choice to turn it into an open text choice.

If you want to allow multiple selections in your question, add a plus “+” sign at the end of the question text. This will allow your participants to select multiple choices when they answer.

Rating scale questions

You can also create Rating Scale questions by having multiple asterisks on the second line.

To add labels, simply add text before and/or after the asterisks.

Numerical scale questions

Instead of asterisks (stars), you may also use a numerical scale by defining the range, e.g. 1-10.

The maxium available scale is 0-10. This allows to create NPS questions as well.

Table questions

You can also create table questions by adding columns e.g. to create a likert scale. You can define columns by separating them with the pipe “|” sign. The default table question will allow only one selection per row.

If you need to allow multiple selections per row, simply add a plus “+” sign after the question text.