How to Organize your Online Surveys with Labels

You can organize your surveys into categories using labels. Sorting your surveys with labels offers more benefits than using something like folders, because you can add multiple labels to surveys instead of just being able to put a survey into a single folder.

How does it work?

If you navigate to the “My Surveys” area of your account, you will see that all the surveys you have access to, including surveys that are shared with you, are displayed. On the left side of the screen you will see the survey labels section. You will start off with only two available labels, “All surveys” and “Shared with me”. These labels are fixed and cannot be edited or deleted.

Create a custom label

You can create as many labels as you need to stay organized. To create your first label, click into the “Create New Label” input, give your label a name and then press the enter key or the “+” button. You can rename your label by hovering it and clicking on the “pencil” icon. This will open an input where you can change the name.

Add a label
Add a label

Edit a label

Assigning and removing labels

As soon as you have created at least one own label, your surveys will show a “Survey Labels” button. This button will allow you to assign one or multiple of your labels to the selected survey.

To assign a label to a survey, you need to click on the “Survey Labels” button located in the survey tile. Clicking on the button will open up a popup which will display all your custom labels in a list.

Assign labels to survey

Navigate between labels

Simply tick the boxes next to the labels you would like to assign to your survey and any changes you make will be automatically saved. You can then simply click on a label on the left, and you will only be shown the surveys that have that label assigned.

Remove a label from a survey

Delete a label

To remove a label from a survey, click on the “Survey Labels” button again and simply uncheck the label you want to remove. To completely delete a label, hover the label you would like to delete and then click on the “Delete” icon.

Please note that deleting a label does not delete the survey or surveys that were assigned to it.