Filter Survey Responses and Reports

Filtering your survey reports and responses allows you to breakdown everything into specific subsets of data. This is particularly powerful when you have collected data from a wide range of sources but want to generate specific reports from each sub category. For example, let’s say¬†you have created a customer satisfaction survey and shared two survey links: One survey link with your existing customers and the other¬†survey link with potential customers. In the “Results” section of your survey, you can then split the results up using the collector filter and generate a report with the “existing customers” data only.

Filter Report Data
Filter Report Data

Filter Responses
Filter Responses

The Filter Controls can be found on the left side of the “Reports” and “Responses” areas. Here is a list of currently available filters:

  • Date Range
    Show only responses from a certain date range e.g. “Last 7 days”. If no date range is specified it will “Show All Time” since the first response was collected.
  • Completeness
    A response is shown as “Completed” if the participant has reached the end of your survey. If the participant has started, but not (yet) reached the end of your survey, the status will say “Not yet completed”.
  • Collector
    This filter will list all of the collectors you created for the survey. You will only see the responses of what ever collector you select in the filter. If no collector is filtered it will show all responses.

The responses data will automatically update and refresh when you add or remove filters. When you apply a filter you will see that the selected filter will highlight green. To remove a filter just click on the red cross.

Filters that are applied will also be considered when exporting your data, e.g. to Excel. To learn all about exporting your survey data click here.